Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Spring in North Carolina Means To Me

It's the middle of March, and I guess in North Carolina that means springtime! In addition to sunny 80 degree days spring also means:

Yellow pollen everywhere

Spring cleaning
Or at the very least I'll wash the sheets...

Sunning on the deck
This is how Griffin does it.

Short-sleeved baby onsies

Turquoise fingernail polish

Iced coffee

Lavender and honey gelato
My favorite flavor at Tuttimelon

Cole is usually the griller, but I'll have to give it a shot.

Freshly mowed grass
Or weeds, whatever the case may be.

Swim suit shopping
I can't wait to take Grace swimming

Lunch dates with friends

Evening walks
Thank you daylight savings time

Mosquitos, fleas and ticks
Why do mosquitos always have to bite me on my ankles???

Long runs... short shorts!

March Madness
My bracket is already basically a bust thanks to Duke and St. Mary's.

Grace's hair gets curly!

Don't worry, the first day of Spring is officially March 20th, so if you're not already enjoying springtime fun, it's just around the corner! XO!

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