Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Conversations With Grace

Do you remember back in the 90's(?) when Not! was the big thing on the playground?

As in, "That's a really rad fanny pack! Not!"

You basically said something that you didn't mean at all, and then finished it with an emphatic and annoying NOT! (It's a lot like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory's Bazinga!)

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Anyways, Grace seems to have picked up a sense of humor some where that reminds me a lot of elementary school Not! jokes... Maybe it's because she only knows a few select words? I guess that would seriously limit the type of jokes you could tell...

Me: Time to go. Let's get in the car. (Buckling her into her carseat)
Grace: Hot!
Me: Is it hot?
Grace: Nah! 
Me: No, it's not hot.
Grace: Hot! (Laughing)
"Ha, ha! Just kidding! It's opposite day!"

Me: Here's your snack. Yum, Goldfish. 
Grace: (Eats one) All Done!
Me: All done?
Grace: Nah! More! 
Grace: (Eats another cracker) All Done!

Me: Let's go inside and see G! (G is our dog)
Grace: G! 
Me: Yeah, you want to see G?
Grace: Nah.
Me: No?
Grace: Yeah! Geeeeeee!

Grace: Ruff, ruff! (Making panting noises)
Me: You're right, Grace, a dog!
Grace: Hop, hop. (What she calls rabbits)
Me: No, that's not a hop, hop, that's a dog.
Grace: Hop, hop!
Me: Dog!
Grace: Hop, hop!
Me: Dog!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Trip to the Zoo

Last year Cole was deployed for his first Father's Day. We sent him packages to show him just how much we loved and missed him, but this year... he was home! I sent him on a scavenger hunt around the house that ended with a little gift from Grace and I. (I bought him some cologne and Grace made him a custom painted one-of-a-kind picture frame.)
Grace and her Dada checking the mailbox for one of the clues in the scavenger hunt.

Then we packed up and headed to the North Carolina Zoo. The drive to the zoo was about 1.5 hrs, and then we walked the Africa side of the park looking at elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, baby chimps and gorillas. Grace did great (probably because she ate the entire time), but Cole and I were starving. We drove back and stopped at Outback for a late lunch. I was so thankful for the iPad to keep Grace entertained while we waited for our food. She is turning into such a techie!

This Father's Day I was so thankful to be able to spend it with Grace and her daddy. He is such a caring, selfless and involved father. I knew I married a great guy, but I had no idea just how wonderful you would be as a father. I am excited to continue to share the adventures of parenthood with my sweet husband. 

These two own my heart! 
Sending love to all of the great dads out there. (Especially my dear ole' Dad, who completed the 100 mile Tour de Manure around Sierra Valley last weekend.) You have always been a little crazy, but you never cease to amaze and inspire me. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Conversations with Grace

Grace cracks me up. Right now her vocabulary is pretty limited. She can sign:

  • Please
  • More
  • Milk
  • Up
  • Thank you
  • Dog
  • Diaper

She also points to the correct parts of her body when asked (most of the time)! The rest of the words she knows are the basics (Mama, Dada, G, Hi, Bye, Baby, Doggy, Duck, Hot, Up, No, Yes, More), so our conversations are pretty limited, but nonetheless entertaining for me.
Dressed up as a little cowgirl for the end of school party. 
Me: Grace, who do you love more, Dada or G? (G is our dog, Griffin.)
Grace: Daaaadaa!
Me: Who do you love more, Mama or Dada?*
Grace: G!
*I know, I know! It's not fair to ask her this question. I did it anyway.

Me: Grace, are you pooping?
Grace: Nah!
Me: Are you sure? Do you need a new diaper? Want to sit on the potty?
Grace: Nah! (Face red, hunched over straining) Bye! (Waving)

Me: Good morning!
Grace: Dada!
Me: Dada's at work.
Grace: G!
Me: G's still sleeping. Do you want some milk?
Grace: Yea!
Me: Ok, and Mama will have some coffee.
Grace: HOT!