Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Conversations With Grace

Do you remember back in the 90's(?) when Not! was the big thing on the playground?

As in, "That's a really rad fanny pack! Not!"

You basically said something that you didn't mean at all, and then finished it with an emphatic and annoying NOT! (It's a lot like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory's Bazinga!)

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Anyways, Grace seems to have picked up a sense of humor some where that reminds me a lot of elementary school Not! jokes... Maybe it's because she only knows a few select words? I guess that would seriously limit the type of jokes you could tell...

Me: Time to go. Let's get in the car. (Buckling her into her carseat)
Grace: Hot!
Me: Is it hot?
Grace: Nah! 
Me: No, it's not hot.
Grace: Hot! (Laughing)
"Ha, ha! Just kidding! It's opposite day!"

Me: Here's your snack. Yum, Goldfish. 
Grace: (Eats one) All Done!
Me: All done?
Grace: Nah! More! 
Grace: (Eats another cracker) All Done!

Me: Let's go inside and see G! (G is our dog)
Grace: G! 
Me: Yeah, you want to see G?
Grace: Nah.
Me: No?
Grace: Yeah! Geeeeeee!

Grace: Ruff, ruff! (Making panting noises)
Me: You're right, Grace, a dog!
Grace: Hop, hop. (What she calls rabbits)
Me: No, that's not a hop, hop, that's a dog.
Grace: Hop, hop!
Me: Dog!
Grace: Hop, hop!
Me: Dog!

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