Monday, April 15, 2013

Pool Party

Check out this little bathing beauty! 
She finally got to test out her new pool in her new swim suit and swim diaper. 
Last year, she spent some time in the pool and in swim lessons, but I wouldn't say she loved it. Now she's more mature and fun-lovin'! 

At first she was not really impressed... Notice the classic "Grace Face."
But she started splashing around in no time!

Showing off her legs as she climbed in and out of the pool!

Our lovely little girl. 

Lounging poolside

Afternoon pool parties, new summer clothes, pig tails, frozen yogurt- it's so fun being Grace's mama... even when she poops in her reusable swim diaper, and I have to mop up her soggy, stinky (cute) little bottom.


It's worth it!

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