Monday, June 11, 2012

Social Grace(s)

Summer must be in full swing because Grace and I have had quite the full social calendar these days!

Thursday we tested out the local cuisine in Raeford with Caitlin and her little boy, Zack- or Zackaroo, as he is often called. Las Palmas was delicioso (and we were the only ones there, so Grace and Zackaroo had their run of the place!)

Friday was the Army Birthday 10 Miler. Grace took the morning off, and hung out with her buddy, Amanda, while I ran with a couple lovely ladies. Top 1,000 finisher, baby!

Saturday we drove up to Raleigh to visit Kayla, an old high school friend who moved out here for school and never left! How crazy that in a school as small as Golden Sierra, (I'm talking 100 in my graduating class) we would both end up in North Carolina a few hours apart! Kayla and I played volleyball together long ago, and she has always been the nicest, sweetest person you could ever hope to meet. 

Thanks Kayla and Naasief for a wonderful day!
I even dug out an old pic of the volleyball team's Bring It On dance routine. No big deal. 
Grace and I also found time to catch lunch with our friends, Deb and Alexis. Deb is hilarious and reminds me of Monica from friends. She is addicted to shopping at The Dollar Store and stock piles greeting cards. Alexis likes to eat puffs and smile.

Alexis is 3 months older than Grace, but I'm pretty sure Grace has her beat on the scale!
(The girls are missing their buddy, Donovan, who moved to Germany a few weeks ago.)
  Finally, this week was the start of SWIM LESSONS! I've been dying to squeeze Grace into a swim suit! It went pretty well, and I think she liked it even when she got dunked under the water. Apparently, Grace winked at one of the lifeguards, and she was definitely distracting the little old ladies taking an aerobics class.  

Just 1 more week until California! 
We can't wait!

 P.S. Cole got his Father's Day package, and loved everything! 

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