Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Printable Super Bowl 50 Pool

Oh, hello there! I know it's been a while... Like 1/2 a year, but we're just going to carry on like nothing's happened.

Basically, I love football. It is definitely my favorite sport to watch. I grew up rooting for the 49ers, and have been slowly molded into a Bills fan since marrying my Bills-fanatic husband 11 years ago. Actually, we just had a Buffalo Bills themed first birthday party for Braxton. Maybe I'll write a blog post in my spare time...


I am SUPER competitive. Whether it's Scrabble or Fantasy Football- I'm in it to win it! If you've spent anytime with my four-year-old, Grace, you will quickly realize she gets her competitive spirit from her mama! (Last year I was the Fantasy Football champion, and this year I ended up the runner up to my brother in law. GRRRR! You're going down next year, Brandon!)

In preparation for the big game, I'm putting on my Younique game face! If you want to join in on the fun (and score some big deals), message me to be added to my VIP Younique Boutique Facebook Group. 
Sadly, neither the Bills nor the 49ers are in this year's Super Bowl showdown, but I'll still be watching. In fact, we recently moved to Charlotte, so it's fun to be in a city with a winning team! #KeepPounding!

One tradition my family has is a friendly Super Bowl Pool. (We play for money, but you don't have to!) This keeps things interesting if the game is a there's always the commercials to keep us entertained and nachos to be eaten.

Here's a blank printable for you to engage in some friendly competition with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, strangers at the bar...

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers

Stay safe, don't drink and drive! It's nice to be back. Hopefully I can find some time to post a few more times this year!