Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lilacs and Lemons: Making Murfreesboro Our Home

October seems to be flying by- just a few weeks until Halloween and Grace's third birthday and then we'll be well into November and the "holiday season!" I feel like having kids makes you (re)learn how to enjoy the small things in life. Holidays have a sense of wonderment and anticipation. Seasons changing mean discovering fallen leaves and stomping in puddles with rain boots. I love watching Grace discover new things each day and being able to rediscover them with her.

Enjoying the last warm days of fall. 
Our baby is still growing and healthy (and Grace still calls him Baby Market). I have no idea why she calls him this, but she insists that is his name and has kept it up for a good couple months. While we don't plan on calling him "Market," we are still discussing names and haven't 100% settled on anything. I think naming a boy is harder. There's more pressure to find a name that will be strong and fitting for both a child and an adult. Cole seems to be into historical names, while I'm more a fan of older names or surnames as first names. We both like the idea of using family names, too.

Cole, Grace, Baby Market, our $12 popcorn and I at Frozen on Ice

We have been in Murfreesboro for 8 months now, and I could not be happier with the town and all it has to offer. My only wish was that it was closer to our families. From the start, I was lucky enough to find support and friendship in the MOMS Club, which has given us a chance to explore middle Tennessee with a wonderful group of moms and their little ones.

Equally as important, Grace's Pre-K school has been the perfect fit for us. It is right around the corner from our house. Grace wakes up each morning excited to go to school. She loves to play pretend school at home and emulates everything from me dropping her off, to getting a green light at the end of the day for good behavior. She loves her teachers and her classmates and seems to be learning so much.
Grace chose these funny glasses from the Treasure Box at school after she got 4 green lights for good behavior.
We also have a family pass to the gym, which has been awesome. The gym has a really well run Kid's Club that Grace is pumped to go to.  It makes me feel less guilty about dropping her off, when I know she's having a fun time, too. This is my first time back at the gym in three years (I did Stroller Strides and at-home work outs mostly since Grace was born). I feel a little intimidated, and round, but I like being able to lift some weights and do some cardio that is gentle on my knee. I've also been taking Gentle Yoga and a Zumba class at a dance studio. This time around having a fit pregnancy is really important to me, and I like knowing that I will have a better fitness foundation to start from once the baby is born.

I haven't been too uncomfortable yet with this pregnancy, but I've recently started having a hard time falling asleep because my mind won't turn off. There are just too many thoughts bouncing around in my head and baby feet bouncing around in my belly. Here are just a few:

"Is Grace eating too many Grape Nuts and is it ok that the only meat she will eat is BACON??"

"Can I use spray paint on a lamp shade?" **Pulls up phone to check on Pinterest. Then goes to Facebook and Instagram. Checks email.**

"Do we seek shelter for a TORNADO WATCH or a TORNADO WARNING?"

"Griffin is scooting again. Eww, anal glands."

"Is it acceptable to wear the same black stretchy pants all week?"

"I hope it doesn't rain for Grace's OUTDOOR Birthday party."

"The downstairs toilet needs to be tightened." 

"How much extra does it cost to have a C-section?"

"Tomorrow we should get milk shakes. Mmmm, pumpkin milk shakes."

Part of what is stressing me out is anticipating the sleepless nights yet to come. It's like so many people say, you have amnesia after you have a newborn. You quickly forget the pain of labor and the multiple feedings a night. I know it was rough for the first few months, but at least this time around I'll know it gets better. I need to enjoy the time now in which Grace sleeps a solid 11 hours without waking up. Those days are numbered. 

My Lemonade: I'm thankful that I have so many blessings and that we are fortunate enough to be expecting an addition to our family. I try really hard not to complain about the annoyances and hardships of pregnancy because I know it is a gift and not every family dreaming of a baby is able to take this journey. 


Cravings: Blueberry Eggos with cinnamon, sugar and syrup

Feeling: Lots and lots of kicking