Monday, July 29, 2013

The Best Part of My Day

Each night I try to reflect on the best part of my day...

(our evening family walk, blowing bubbles in the backyard, an awesome workout, taking Grace swimming, that extra large glass of wine)

...while doing my best to forget about the worst part of the day.

(accidentally getting poop on my hand, grocery shopping with a 21-month old, spilling a bottle of nail polish in the bathtub)

Sometimes it's easy to think of something great that happened... sometimes it's a little harder.

This video is from a few days ago, and was definitely the highlight of my day. Those moves, that little tummy, the shades... she gives us so many laughs and makes me feel lucky each day that she's our daughter.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Smarty Pants Sister

There are many things you may not know about my sister. She is kind and generous, and sometimes she can't breath when she laughs really hard. She likes to make up scenarios and ask random questions. She eats tuna fish by making tiny little sandwiches with Goldfish crackers. Her cat, Taffy, kisses her on the mouth. I'm writing this not to embarrass her, but to celebrate what a special person she is. Four (?) years ago she moved to Maryland, and immediately got hired at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Now she's completed her Masters in Human Resources!!! Her hard work and dedication has paid off. You're done, Jen!
It seems like it wasn't long ago we were graduating high school...

...and then you graduated from CSU East Bay...

...and now you're practically a genius! (with Eva Longoria's legs)

We are so proud of you, Jennifer. There are only great things in your future. Now go do your homework- oh wait, you don't have any! YAY! Relax and relish in your accomplishment!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th and 9th

Happy 4th of July, my friends! I hope you are all doing fun things today with the people you love while celebrating the home of the brave and the land of the free. This year I am lucky enough to have my husband home, which means we also got to celebrate our anniversary (7/3) together. We joke that at least we'll always have fireworks for our anniversary each year!

Instead of planning something for this week, we went on a mini-getaway to Myrtle Beach last weekend. Despite rain and tornado warnings, we enjoyed the hotel pools and a visit to the Alligator Adventure Park. (Grace was not a fan of the sandy beach.)

Giant tortoises 

Sleepy croc

Alligator overload
Since our visit, Grace's favorite new words are "crocodile, alligator, turtle, and beach."
Nine years of marriage has only made us stronger and more ridiculously good looking. ;)
I have no idea what this next year will bring, but knowing that I have Cole by my side I'm ready for new adventures. Grace and I are lucky to call you ours.

What are your plans for celebrating the 4th of July? Fireworks, BBQs, beaches, cold beverages??? Whatever you do, stay safe and keep the fighting, the fallen and the families of our military in your heart.

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