Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby's First Flight

It's finally time for our first trip home!


Just a quick 9 hour flight with a 4 month old and a Chihuahua, (and my good friend, Jessica!)

Thank god!

I think I actually ended up tricking her into flying with us...

"What? You're flying home on this flight too? What a crazy coincident!"

I think/hope I've packed everything we'll need. It's been 80 degrees here while over there they are issuing Winter Storm Warnings over the sierra. Oh great!

Luckily I've called in a lot of favors (thank you Jessica, Kayla, Lindsay, Naasief, Courtney, Dad, and James just to name a few, for making this trip possible!)

I can't wait to see family and friends in California and Nevada and introduce my sweet little Grace! I promise, you're going to love her!

Wish us luck! We're going to need it!

In honor of Graces (and Griffin's) first airplane trip, here are some other firsts from this week:

Grace met Louise!

I mowed the lawn (weeds). Glamorous, I know!

We ate at Smithfield's BBQ! YUM!

Jessica went to Stroller Strides

Grace got her first pair of sunglasses!

I hosted my first BBQ (and almost succeeded in lighting the charcoal...)


  1. You didn't light your own charcoal?? lol
    I am glad you are traveling to CA, I will see you soon sis! Can't wait to see you and Grace! Love you all!

  2. Cant wait to meet my niece!!!!