Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reverse Bucket List

Photo Credit: Pinterest

My Reverse Bucket List
{Top 10 Things I Never Want To Do}

1. Breastfeed triplets
Holy moly. The math just doesn't add up...

2. Backpack around the world on my own
Sure, I would love to travel, but ALL ALONE, no thank you. I would want to share the experience with someone and I get lost too easily and can't do math in my head.

3. Own a snake
I do my best to avoid snakes. Voluntarily keep one in my home? Insanity.

4. Run for office
Politicians are slimy, but I would make a great First Lady...

5. Go to rehab
No, no no.

6. Grow out my body hair
Well, unless it's the second ice age...

7. Give up caffeine or wine or the internet
A vice is a vice is a vice, but sometimes a vice is nice.

8. Publicly sing The Star Spangled Banner
I have nightmares about this. I'm standing in front of a huge audience and everyone is expecting me to sing. I. Can't. Breath.

9. Go to war
Thank you to all of the men and women who VOLUNTEER to serve and protect. You are braver and stronger than I could ever be.

10. Meet Keanu Reeves
Something about him just creeps me out.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Mama’s Losin’ It


  1. I was with ya until #10. I like to keep my fantasies of him firmly placed in "A Walk in the Clouds"! Sexy :)

  2. LOVE THIS LIST! I think it's his eyes.

  3. dude--he almost spilled a drink on me once. and you know what he said. "whoa" (you didn't read that, you heard his voice. That's how evil he is.)

    visiting from mama kat's...

  4. I don't think those around me want me to give up caffeine, wine, or internet it wouldn't be pretty. Great list!!

  5. I saw the "Go To Rehab" one and immediately thought "Fo sho! Who wants to give up alcohol and feel good drugs?" Hmmmm.... that's probably NOT a really good initial thought to have although it DID make me giggle out loud!

    Breast feeding triplets just blows my mind.

    I DID publicly sing the Star Spangled Banner and it really isn't AS big of a deal...okay yea...yea it is. Pretty sure I wet myself :O)

  6. Oh yeah, triplets are great, but no one has enough boobs to cover them :)
    And snakes, I am with you on that one.