Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Remember...{Just Barely}

Wow! Just a year ago Jennifer and I were running the Maryland Half Marathon, Cole was deployed in Afghanistan and Grace was only 6 months old. I was a new mom experiencing all the joys of a newborn in addition to celebrating my first Mother's Day. This year so much has changed, and I feel like it's getting harder for me to remember all of the big and small milestones that fly by too fast.

I remember when we thought our new little baby would never arrive... and then you showed up a month early.

I remember when I thought we would never sleep again... and then you slept through the night. 

I remember when you would spit up all the time, on everything ... and then suddenly you didn't, and I don't even remember when it stopped. 

I remember when you did nothing but lay there looking cute... and then you were rolling over, sitting up, pulling up, crawling and walking in the blink of an eye. 


I remember when you would cry, drool and stick everything in your mouth because of teething... and now you have 12 tiny teeth!

I remember when we thought your daddy's deployment would never end... and then he got back just in time to see you take your first steps. 

I remember when new born clothes were too big... and now you're wearing size 3T.

I remember when I would nurse you 10-12 times  a day... and then just before you went to sleep... and during the night... and when you woke up... and eventually just for 5 minutes at bedtime... and then we were done. 

I remember when I thought your hair would never come in... and now I'm struggling each morning to get it contained in pigtails and clippies. 

I remember when you couldn't even support your head... and now you do circus acrobatics off the couch. 

I remember when you turned one... and now you're less than six months away from your second birthday!

I remember when I thought you were the most beautiful, perfect little girl... and that hasn't changed.
New dresses Cole picked out for us as a surprise for Mother's Day morning!
I remember when I had no idea what a mother's love truly meant... and now I'm just starting to understand. 

Being your mom, Grace, has been nothing short of amazing. I love how it has changed me and changed our lives. It makes me realize how much I owe to my mom for everything she's taught me and continues to teach me. Our time together seems ever-fleeting, but I cherish every moment.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Thank you for teaching me the important things, like how to use the toilet and drive a stick! We love you, and Jennifer and I are proud to be your daughters!

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