Monday, May 20, 2013

21 Reasons My Daughter is Laughing

A few weeks ago I wrote out 21 reasons my daughter is crying, and since then I've experienced at least 2,000 more. Poor thing! Every cup dropped and invisible injustice sends her into a crying fit. At least, that's how it seems sometimes. However temperamental she may be, she does also share smiles and laughs throughout the day. Therefore, I decided to create a list of reasons my daughter is laughing:

She's splashing in the water.

We are talking in "whisper voices".

She is (trying) wearing my shoes.

The dog is kissing her mouth.

She is trying to fart while I change her diaper. (seriously)

I'm tickling her thighs.

She's playing in the rain. 
The people on the radio are laughing.

She's trying to feed me with the spoon.

She is running as fast as she can. 

It's time for breakfast.
Waffle ✓ Milk ✓ Today Show 
I'm chasing her like a monster.

She stuffed all of her crackers in her mouth at once. 

I snuck up on her while we were playing tag.

I blew the lent out from between her toes.

She's wearing her new sunglasses. 
Check out Griffin photobombing her...
She's playing peek-a-boo with someone in the table behind us at the restaurant. 

Her Grandad is blowing zurberts (raspberries) on her belly.

She and the dog are playing tug-o-war. 

I let her flip the light switch on and off...and on and off...and on and off...  

The dog is running circles in the house like it's a race track.

She is swinging at the park.

It's nice to know that for as often as I frustrate her, I also (occasionally) can get her to smile and laugh!

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