Sunday, May 13, 2012

You Make Mom Jeans Look Hot

Fort McHenry, MD 
I think there are certain "firsts" that I will just always remember. My first job (Mervyn's), first plane ride (Santa Barbara), first car (Jeep Cherokee), first kiss (I'm not telling, wink, wink!), and first day of college (Sac City) are memories that are etched into my mind. I have a feeling that I will always remember my first Mother's Day, too. Not because I need a special day, I don't, but because it made me stop and think,

"Whoa, I will forever be Grace's, for the rest of my life!" 

My Mother's Day was perfect. Even from 7,000 miles away, Cole surprised and pampered me with flowers and a small appliance. Random and not so random acts of kindness from strangers, friends and family made me feel even more loved and lucky. I think Grace's gift to me must still be in the mail, though...

Having my own baby this Mother's Day truly makes me more appreciative of the love my mom has for my sister and I. Wow, Mom, you really love us a lot! Thank you for being so fantastic!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful moms in my life.  

Photo Credit: wit & whistle
You make mom jeans look hot!

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