Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sprucing Up The Nest

While I was visiting my sister in Maryland, we went shopping at Ikea! (That place is seriously A-mazing!) I'm attempting to decorate our house little by little, so I grabbed a few things to spruce up the nest that didn't require too much work or assembly.

My goodies included: 3 glass storage jars, a bag of chip clips, a door mat, 2 throw pillows, 2 bibs for Grace, 2 poster frames and 4 piece patio set...

I decided to add some labels to the jars using some chalk board paint. It was a pretty easy project, and I think it turned out great!

Perfectly functional, but lacking something...
Top left: The finished product  Top right: I traced my template onto scrap cardboard  
Middle right: I used a sharpie to trace an outline onto the jar (it's probably a lot easier if you don't put anything into the jar first like I did!) Bottom left: I carefully painted multiple layers of chalkboard paint, let dry over night, and then painted another layer  Bottom right: It kind of makes me want to label everything in the kitchen... (just kidding!)

Throw pillows for the couch
Here is a little before and after action in the living room:

The blank wall in the living room...
I decided to GO BIG with 2 photos of Grace and I! 
I'm considering painting the frames either light blue or sagey green. 
What do you think? Good idea, or leave them black?

Photos by Skye Snyder Photography
And last, but not least, the front porch which is sad and empty...

See the new doormat?

The patio furniture (some assembly required)... maybe I will wait until my mom visits in July!
P.S. Speaking of sprucing up the nest, I've been playing around with the look of the blog. What do you think? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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