Thursday, November 15, 2012

Party Like You're One

When you are one-year-old, your expectations are not very high. 

You're happy with a tasty snack, a clean diaper and a game of peekaboo.  

But if your mom decides she's going to throw you a birthday party, there's not much you can do! 

Just roll your eyes and smile...she means well.

She'll probably dress you up and parade you around...

and make guests play silly games...

Sign on the front door greeting guests. Kids and adults marked their height on the chart, and a gift was given to the shortest and tallest guests. 

Each guest placed a dot at their height and wrote their name. 

The Doljabbi Ceremony is the main event at the Dol (Korean first birthday).
Several items are placed in front of the child, and the item the chile grabs predicts the child's future.
Guests get to place their bets on which item the child will choose.
Items included:
Scholar- Pen
Artist- Paintbrust
Doctor- Bandaids
Athlete- Golf ball
Scientist- Calculator
Wealth- Dollar bill
Prosperity- Bowl of rice
Long Life- String

Grace chose (drum roll please) THE STRING, which represents long life!
Then she'll force everyone to look at embarrassing photos.

Monthly photos of Grace

You'll do your best to grin and bare it. Pretzels anyone?

And then, as if it couldn't get any worse, your parents will strip you down and make you eat cake. With your hands. While everyone watches. 

Can a girl get a napkin? Wet wipe?
About that time you'll start to wonder if nap time will ever get here, but if you MUST, you'll jump in the bounce house with some friends. 

Then right when you're starting to get into this whole "party" thing, your mom will pass out party favors and everyone will leave...

Party favors: wavy straws with homemade balloon toppers

Gum ball machine party favors
Turning one is hard work. Maybe next year we could just do breakfast in bed and a trip to Build-a-Bear?


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