Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Push It in 2013

Instead of a resolution, this year I was inspired to choose a theme word to live by for the year. There were so many great words to choose from: Discover, persevere, create, enjoy, control...

Discover seemed too Christopher Columbus-ish.
Persevere made it sound like I was overcoming hardships.
Create is good, but too open-ended. Create what?
Enjoy. Isn't that a Coca-Cola slogan?
Control. Birth control, pest control, gun control. I don't think so.

I couldn't choose just one word, so I choose two. 
Two words, but it's really more of a motto: 

Push it.

Not like Salt 'n' Pepa's P-push it real good... more like, push it beyond my limits. Run further, try harder, do more. Push it.

Limitless. Photo Credit
I don't want to worry about what kind of life I should be living, instead, I just want to live the life I have with all of the fire and love and joy and strength and courage that I can give it.

This year I want to push my relationships, my boundaries and my mind. Sure, I want to be a better mother, wife, daughter and friend but I think the key to this is pushing it when I feel lazy, uninspired or it gets too hard.

I decide what I can and do. I can push it!

Sorry for going all "motivational speaker" this week... there's just something about the start of a new year that gets me excited! It's only January 1st, and I already have plans to learn something new, pursue a hobby and do something that scares me... I promise to tell you more soon!

Reflecting on 2012, my highs and lows centered around Cole's deployment and return home. Grace made me laugh more than I've ever laughed in my whole life. I learned about a mother's love. I leaned on friends and family and surprised myself. I ran. If I had to choose one word to represent 2012, it would be home. I got to stay home with my baby, and I tried to make our house a home. Grace and I went home to Cool while Cole was away. Finally, in August we welcomed our hero home. 

Home + Family = Love
Happy New Year beautiful friends! Wishing you happiness, success and love in 2013. 

Push it.
(real good)

Mama’s Losin’ It
Writing prompt from Mama Kat:
Instead of a resolution, some people choose a theme word to live by for the year. Choose a word for 2013 and tell us why you chose it. 


  1. That's a great goal for the year! Good luck!

  2. I now have Salt 'n' Pepa stuck in my head. Maybe I should have chosen a word with an annoying song, for reminders! Great idea - we could all use pushes once in a while (or a lot).