Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tell Me What You Really Think

You know how when you're pregnant strangers just have to say something about the size of your belly? Some people just physically can not keep their mouths closed and their opinions to themselves. 

"Wow, are you having twins?"

I honestly think they don't realize they're being rude, but most pregnant women are not interested in their commentary. 

The same principle applies to babies and toddlers. Strangers just can't resist saying something. However, sometimes what they say is entirely inappropriate. 

"Well she certainly gets enough to eat, doesn't she?"

Likewise, parents and strangers in the checkout line dole out labels and backhanded compliments about Grace that leave me wondering if I should be offended or proud. 

"She's a sassy little thing!"

So, in the interest of parents everywhere (and completely in good fun) here is an easy list of translations:

They Say "Sassy"  They Mean "Disrespectful"
They Say "Picky"    They Mean "Ungrateful"                            
They Say "Creative   They Mean "Doesn't follow directions"
They Say "Mischievous   They Mean "Naughty"
They Say "Sensitive   They Mean "Cry-baby"
They Say "Healthy   They Mean "Fat"    
They Say "Smart   They Mean "Typical" 
They Say "Independent   They Mean "Unfriendly"
They Say "Ham   They Mean "Show-off"    

However, I have to hand it to the strangers. For once they actually got it right! Grace really is one sassy, picky, creative, mischievous, sensitive, healthy, smart, independent ham!

I couldn't be prouder!

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