Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Might Just Melt Into The Atlantic Ocean

We had a great time camping*. 
*If you can call staying in a 27 foot trailer with all the amenities while your uncles cook for you camping.

Grace enjoyed meeting a bunch of her relatives, playing in a creek with her second cousins and snuggling with mama at night. 

Her meaty thighs were untouched by the mosquitos. 

"What is this place, Mama? Are we in the outdoors?"

She barely fit in the kitchen sink in the trailer (also known as Grace's Castle)!
Each morning around 4, I would bring her into bed with me and she would snuggle up under the blankets!

Then my mom, Grace and I raced home, cleaned up, packed and drugged Griffin. The next morning we flew back to sweltering melting sticky hot North Carolina. 

UGH! It is hot!

Grace's curls are back and the AC in ON!

Griffin is recovering from his jet lag/hangover and learning to use his new doggie door.  

My mom is helping me organize the garage and reupholster the dining room chairs. 
(Yeah, I know I really know how to show my guests a good time!)

Stay cool everyone.

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