Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hoping For A Happy Camper

Grace and I are having a wonderful time in California. (Even though it has been hot!)

We visited both of her great grandparents and drove down to see her Auntie Marilyn in southern California.


Jessica and James came to Loyalton and then Auburn for a visit!

We also went swimming....

...and shopping!

Grace turned 8 months old on July 8th. 

(I need to start thinking about planning her first birthday party! Oh what fun!)

She's also practicing her walking (her legs are strong, but she has no balance) and working on crawling. 

 She's a pro at rolling!

Her first two bottom teeth are even coming in without too much fanfare! 
I swear, if we ever have another baby, they will have a lot to live up to because Grace is SUCH an easy going and good natured girl!

Now we're preparing for one more adventure before we fly home- 

My mom is the oldest of 9 (NINE!) siblings, and every year they try and get the whole extended family together for a summer camping trip. This is this picture from 2011:

What a rowdy looking bunch! ;)
 I've been working on compiling the 2012 Alexander Family Almanac, which includes a yearly update from each family. It's nice because we can catch up with what's going on in everyone's life and and we're not trying to type it up during the busy holiday season when most people send out cards/family newsletters. 
(Shout out to my cousins, who put this together previous years!)

 Wish us luck! 
Here's hoping Grace's meaty thighs don't get eaten by mosquitos and she waits at least one more week before she figures out how to crawl!

P.S. Just a few more months and Cole should be home! XOXO.

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