Thursday, January 19, 2012

B Is For Book (and Baby)

YAY! I finished Grace's baby book! Here are just a few of my favorite pages:

I made it using Booksmart from Blurb. I'm obsessed with Blurb. There are tons of book making sites around now, but I started using Blurb a few years ago. The quality is great, and the free design software lets you customize your layout however you like!

I decided that I am going to fill in the information by hand. My sister convinced me it would be more special and meaningful for Grace to have the book handwritten when she's older.

I agree! There's nothing I love more than using a great pen on a shiny new piece of paper... taking my time to make sure my penmanship is perfect... Soooo excited!

I'm placing my order tonight, and I can't wait to buy an awesome new ball point pen, and start journaling the entries!

Use the code NEWBK2012 at Blurb to save $10 if you spend $50 or more by January 31, 2012.

You're welcome! ;)