Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Weekend For The Girls

Well, this is the first weekend with the hubs away, so it's just us girls (and Griffin). Luckily Grace is pretty content no matter what we do. We slept in late, caught up on our reality tv, had an impromptu photo shoot, read a couple magazines, went out to lunch, did some shopping and went for an evening walk. While Grace rested after dinner, I started in on a project I've been wanting to attempt- blocks to photograph with the baby each month.

Initially, I got this idea from Eden Rose Photography:
(She is a fantastic Reno photographer I follow on Facebook. Isn't her little boy adorable!? And his name is Lincoln, which I LOVE! Maybe one day I'll get the chance to work with her...)

I thought I would try to make a variation of these blocks to photograph with Grace each month. I've been dying to do something with the chalkboard paint that I see posted everywhere on Pinterest, and with chalk I can easily erase and draw whatever I want on the blocks. I'm working on finishing this today (just in time for Grace's 2 month birthday). If they turn out somewhat decent, I'll post pictures! Fingers crossed!

In other news: I'm pretty sure Grace smiled (a real "I Love You, Mom smile) for the first time yesterday! She was kicking around on the ground, cooing and kept smiling up at me. So precious and so worth the wait!

She also slept for 5 hours last night! However, Griffin did not, and needed to go out at 2am! What can you do? Happy Sunday!

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