Monday, January 9, 2012

Spend Freeze Challenge Confessions

I'm 9 days into the January Spend Freeze Challenge so here's an update:

I'm trying hard to stick to the challenge, but I'll admit I've had a few tiny missteps. If you're trying not to spend money, don't go into Tarjay! Somehow I always leave there with $100 worth of fabulous things I DON'T NEED! Agh! This time I reigned it in, and only bought what I needed plus some hair bows for Baby Grace... and some cute Valentine's Day decor... and eye makeup remover... a small victory!

I also fell off the wagon a tiny bit when I decided to set foot in JoAnn's Craft Store. I bought a couple yards of fabric to attempt pillow covers with the new sewing machine and some chalkboard paint for baby month chalk blocks. All in all the total damage was a tad over $20. I'll take it.

I'm feeling good after confessing my spending sins.

I can do this!

(How many days are there in January???)

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