Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grace's Donut Birthday Brunch and {Chalkboard Party Favor DIY}

I think I know why fall is my favorite season... October and November are full of holidays and opportunities to celebrate! Last year, Grace didn't really seem to care about her birthday, but this year she was so excited for her big day.

I can't blame her. Turning 3 is a pretty big deal. We decided to celebrate with donuts (my Grace's favorite) and her closest pals. She even got a special visit from her Auntie Jen!

Thanks, Auntie, for making Grace's special day even more special!
I created this invitation and then had it printed with Vistaprint
We planned to have the party outside and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't be raining or too cold. The week of the party the weather app kept showing Saturday's temperatures getting lower and lower. After much debate, we decided to move the party inside. I was worried there wouldn't be enough room and the kids would be bored, but it turned out perfectly and the kids were thrilled to play with the toys, eat donuts and run up and down the stairs. We just decorated with some pink table clothes and streamers and these cute little donuts that I printed and cut out. (We also used them for decorating our thank you cards.)
Source: Free Printable from Oh Happy Day
Our guests decorated their party hats with sparkly stickers and polka dots when they arrived. I was surprised by how entertained they were doing this. More proof that simple is better when it comes to toddlers. 

Decorate Your Party Hat Station
The "brunch" menu was very simple:
  • LOTS OF DONUTS (from Donut Country, a Murfreesboro favorite)
  • Yogurt (greek for the adults and Gogurts for the kids)
  • Bananas
  • Cheerios (otherwise known as donut seeds)
  • Coffee, milk, chocolate milk, OJ and water
Grace sang right along as everyone sang her "Happy Birthday," and she had no problem blowing out her candle, which we stuck in the middle of a coma-inducing cinnamon roll. 

Grace's extra large frosted cinnamon roll with sprinkles
Cheerios as "Donut Seeds" 
I had a lot of fun creating the party favors for each of Grace's friends- monogramed chalk boards inspired from here!

The process was super easy, but did take a couple nights to finish all of the coats of paint on each side of the letters. My goal was to give our guests something that they would use and that wouldn't add more junk to the toy box. Here are the DIY instructions if you want to make your own chalkboard party favors:

How To Make Monogramed Chalkboard Party Favors

MDF Letter 
1 Bottle of Chalkboard Paint
Paint brush
320 Grit Sandpaper
Small rubber bands
Jute and/or Ribbon
  1. Following the instructions on your chalkboard paint, paint 1-4 layers of paint onto the letters. Make sure you use solid strokes alternating horizontal or vertical for different layers. 
  2. Once you've painted all sides of your letters and they are dry, rub the 320 grit sandpaper over the entire letter to smooth it down. (This will make the chalkboard easier to use and erase.)
  3. Prime each letter by rubbing chalk on all of the surfaces and then wipe clean. (If you don't do this, the first thing you draw on your chalkboard won't ever completely come off.)
  4. Attach a few pieces of chalk using a rubber band and some jute to the letter. 
  5. Add your party tag and some curly ribbon, and you're done!
Putting the finishing touches on the party favors. 
Overall, we had a wonderful party and felt so lucky to be able to celebrate our baby's third birthday with our new Tennessee friends. Grace was over the moon! I was so proud of her throughout the whole party. She was kind to her friends, shared her toys and used good manners when opening her presents. I really do enjoy being able to throw her birthday parties, but I also want her to be a gracious host and to be appreciative for all she has.

We had a polka dot themed party when Grace turned one and an ice cream party at a farm for her second birthday.


A maternity update!

#30 weeks

Cravings: Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream (Let's not talk about how I ate half of a week old pumpkin pie with a can of whipping cream on the couch while I watched Revenge.)

Feeling: Rotund 

I can't believe we're in the final stretch until baby Anderson gets here! I am so excited to meet him!

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