Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lilacs and Lemons: Grace Starts School and That Time I Didn't Watch Divergent

Welcome to my first Lilacs and Lemons write up- brimming with the good and the bad from the week!

This week Grace started preschool! She's going two days a week, and has been so excited to get to use her new backpack and lunch box.

She got up early on her first day of school, and could hardly be persuaded to eat breakfast. I had to stall her for two hours until it was finally time to go to school. I felt like an impostor as we were walking into the school. How could I possibly have an almost-three-year old to drop off for school?

Once we got to Grace's classroom, she got worried that I was going to leave her. I tried my best to put on a cheery face, distract her and sneak out, but she was definitely crying (along with 8 of the other 12 kids in her class)! I did not expect to cry, but leaving her crying in the classroom really did break my heart. Would she be ok? Would the other kids treat her kindly? Would she eat paste?

I knew she was in good, loving, capable hands. I knew she was going to love preschool. I knew I was excited for my 5 hours...BUT....I still felt sad to leave her!

When it was time to pick her up (my five hours flew by), I showed my ID, and Grace spotted me. She ran to me with a huge smile, flung her arms around me, and said, "You came back!" Awwww! *heart melting* 

She wasn't very forthcoming with the details of her day. All I know is that they couldn't go outside because it was raining and she told the teacher when she had to go to the bathroom. Her lunch was gone and she had scribbled very impressively with orange crayon on a piece of paper. I'm so proud!!

I can't tell you the last time I successfully rented and watched a movie.... It's been probably over a year. It just never works with my schedule/priorities/timing, and I'm cheap, so I don't like keeping a Redbox movie for more that one night. That combination means I'm stuck with TV or Netflix. Anyways, I decided I wanted to watch Divergent. I read and loved the books, and I'd heard good reviews about the movie. My husband couldn't be persuaded to watch it with me, so I thought I would try to watch it during Grace's nap and when she went to bed.


The disc I rented was Blue-Ray.

My Blue-Ray player was mysteriously not working. Apparently because the Comcast guy used the HDMI cord from the Blue-Ray to connect our cable box. WTF! (I can not even imagine trying to call Comcast to ask them to bring a replacement cord...I'm sure that will only take 75 minutes and me entering my information 14 times!)

My computer doesn't play Blue-Ray.

The Wii doesn't play Blue-Ray.

Whatever. I'll watch it when it comes out on Netflix in 2025.

My Lemonade: I'm thankful that I have so many blessings, that complaining about a missing cord and an unwatched movie rental are a reality in my life. Of course there are many more serious, frustrating, frightening and heartbreaking things happening in my tiny world and the great big world around me.


Cravings: Cereal

Feeling: Like my pants are tight 

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