Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lilacs and Lemons: Bills Look for Win # 3 and Struggles to Become Street Legal in TN

Welcome to my second Lilacs and Lemons write up- brimming with the good and the bad from the week!

My husband is a big fan of the Buffalo Bills. He has been since he was a child, and he can remember crying when they lost the Super Bowl four years in a row in the early '90s. Year after year he continues to cheer for his team despite the fact that they have not made the playoffs in 14 seasons.

As his wife for the last 10 years, I've borne witness to the hope at the beginning of each season that is quickly replaced with disappointment and heartbreak as the loses stack up. Cole tells me, "If we don't root for them, who will?"That's true. I have to cheer for them.

This year the Bills started the season 2-0. TWO WINS, ZERO LOSSES! It's a start... At least they're giving the fans hope. Tomorrow they face the Chargers and hope to keep their winning streak alive.

Daddy and Grace, 2013. 

Also, Grace seems to be getting excited about her baby brother.

        -She wants to call him Baby Market.

        -He can sleep in her bed, but he can't use her bath tub. 

        -He'll probably be hungry for Lucky Charms. 

        -He'll share all of his things with her. 

Becoming such a big girl. 

It took FOUR visits to the County Clerks office plus a trip to the emissions to get our car legally registered in Tennessee. I'm not saying TN is wrong, but maybe they could take note from other states and find a way to expedite and simplify the process. Not to mention, our leasing company failed to put MY NAME on a Power of Attorney that I REQUESTED. Enough said. It was annoying.

I know, I know, "wah, wah, wah!" Complaining about the DMV is nothing new, but to make things even more fun, our other car's registration is due next month. See you soon, Linda at the County Clerks office!

I'll also mention there was a diarrhea incident at the park. I'll spare you the details and the photos (just kidding, there aren't any photos), but it wasn't me... 

My Lemonade: I'm thankful that I have so many blessings, that complaining about the everyday annoyances of life are a reality in my life. Of course there are many more serious, frustrating, frightening and heartbreaking things happening in my tiny world and the great big world around me.


Cravings: Nachos

Feeling: Like I miss sleeping on my stomach

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