Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The First Day of School Means Summer is Over

Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte is back and school is in session!

I am ready for the end of the sweltering southern summer heat and soooo ready for Fall! Although, honestly, this summer hasn't felt as hot as last year.

Baby Grace, who is definitely NOT a baby anymore, started school again at the greatest little place. She only goes one morning a week, but I love it! Four hours all to myself! I think it's important for Grace to spend some time away from me learning to share and catching other people's germs.

First day of school "MMO" 2013
In the past she would get pretty dramatic when I dropped her off. I had to un-cling her from me, crying and sobbing "Mama," while I scurried out the door. (Texts from her teachers proved that she immediately regained her composure after I left.) This year, she's an old pro. No tears. No last minute hugs or pleas for mama. She just walked right in and got to learning/playing.

I'm sure in her head she's thinking, "Wow, I'm really going to miss Mama, but this place is great. I'm so lucky!'

I love the excitement and anticipation that comes with a change of seasons. Right when I didn't think I could take anymore of the same old summer ho-hum, Fall is right around the corner like a hot tasty pumpkin spice latte.

Bring on the football (I'm playing in my first Fantasy League), the scarves and boots and the crisp cool nights. We are ready for Grace's second Halloween, and I'm dying to bust out our Elf on The Shelf!

A few things I'm not quite ready for include potty training, flying cross country with a dog and a toddler, packing for a move and dusting off the ole resume! In just a few short months we (my husband) are starting the process of getting out of the military. It's time to write a new chapter of our lives...

One last trip to Myrtle Beach before Summer is over
Wishing you all patience in school zones, a break from the search for your bikini body and a winning season for your football team! What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

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  1. She is a little cutie! My girl goes to daycare for two mornings a week and yes those four hours alone are so good :)


    1. Thank you, Christine! Even if I just spend my 4 hours grocery shopping alone, it is a good morning!

  2. Those four hours a week are good for both of you! She is adorable!

    Potty training will come when she's darn well ready for it and not a moment before, so don't stress too much.

    Good luck flying cross country with the dog and toddler! I did that with a cat and a toddler. At least the cat was stowed away under the plane. There were times I would have traded and kept her with me and put the toddler under the plane.

    1. You are so right about the potty training happening when she's ready. Hopefully it will be within the next year...?! I'll have the dog (a chihuahua) sedated under the seat, so he shouldn't be a problem. I'm more worried about my daughter and the other passengers. Fingers crossed it won't be too painful! Thanks for stopping by.