Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mama Won't Leave You

I put creamer in Grace's sippy-cup and whole milk in my coffee.

Yep, one of those days.

Grace cried this morning when I dropped her off for play group and my "Mother's Morning Out." She was happy-go-lucky until we got to the steps, and then suddenly she couldn't stand on her own. Miss Emily and I shared a laugh as Grace clung to me, refusing to take off her shoes and wailing. The other parents stared.

Stop looking at me like that! 

What else could I do but laugh? It's kind of embarrassing, but also endearing.

She needs me, she really needs me. Don't worry, baby. Mama won't leave you...

I thought we were making progress. This is her third time going. I've already dealt with a Chihuahua with severe separation anxiety and lived to tell the tale. Not my baby girl, too! I want her to be a sweet outgoing, fun-loving little girl- not scared and shy hiding behind my skirt (or yoga pants, whatever the case may be).
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I know, I know, it's just a phase, things will get better and she'll get used to it. Right?

Confession: I snuck away while Grace was distracted by a tub full of Little People toys. Not even a kiss goodbye.

Ok, so maybe Mama will leave you, but I'll be back. Promise.

She will probably tell her therapist about this in 20 years. Poor baby!

Also, are you supposed to pull out gray hairs, or will 10 more grow back in their place? Just know...for a friend...
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Writing prompt from Mama Kat:
Incorporate the phrase "stop looking at me like that" into your post.


  1. It is bittersweet when they don't want you to go :)

  2. I remember when my daughter would cry and cry at goodbye, but now she practically pushes me out the door. The first time she was happy as I left I was proud and hurt at the same time.