Friday, December 21, 2012


If you're considering taking your one-year-old to see Santa, don't. 

Seriously, reconsider. 

We took Grace last week, and after standing in line with a squirming little fire ball for over an hour, she completely lost her cool in front of Santa and about a hundred other parents.

Turn back now. 

It's kind of funny, except that it really isn't. When did this tradition start when we forced our children into their green and red Sunday best and plopped them down on a plump old stranger's lap? To make matters worse, we photograph the entire awkward, often traumatic, encounter.

Santa-tastrophe. (Tsk tsk, parents. We should know better. Any one heard of stranger danger??!!)

We decided maybe we shouldn't take Grace to see Santa for a few years...until she's older and understands she's not in any eminent danger.

Oh well, at least I can check a few more items off of our 25 Days of Christmas list!

Visit Santa*. 
*Scar Grace for life. 

"Mama, nooooooooo!"

"Don't touch me! What kind of guy wears a fake beard?"

Last year's Santa picture... Grace slept through the whole encounter. Santa-tastrophe avoided.
Make Christmas cookies. 

Drink hot cider and go for a walk. ✓ 
(Does warm apple juice count?)
Watch a Christmas movie. ✓ 
Decorate Santa hats. ✓ 

Just a few more things to do on the list before Christmas is here! 

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  1. sorry you had to go through that! I think it's the long wait, the suit, beard and stranger. I would cry too! Let's hope you've avoided some potential santa-tastrophes with this post.