Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What My Chihuahua is Thinking

7 Things Griffin Thought Today 
{A look into the mind of mutt}

1. Grrrr, I'm sleeping. Don't touch me.
Seriously he growls if you touch him while he is resting...

2. Me too, me too, MEEE TOOO!
Anything Phazor does, Griffin does too! Play with the rope, go in and out the doggie door, smell this trash can, smell that trash can...
Griffin, left and Phazor, right
3. Just look into my eyes. Can't you see I'm starving? You know what would help? A bit of your Phish Food ice cream/cereal/enchilada/sandwich....
I swear we feed him regularly.

4. Phazor, if you would just hold still.... grrrufff... I could get myself situated... grrrufff ruff... and we could hump... I'm just saying...
He does this at dog parks too. So proud!

5.This is my baby. See how I lick her on/in the mouth. That means she's mine.
Sorry, Grace. You're his.
So kissable!
6. NOOOOOOOOO! Don't leave! How will I go on without you? Who will feed me and love me and vaccinate me? What about my walks and my treats?
Poor Griffin may suffer from a touch of separation anxiety. 

There is nothing like being welcomed home by a loving dog who was sure you would never again return. 

Mama’s Losin’ It

List 7 things your pet thought today.


  1. Still laughing over what Griffin thought today! Isn't it hysterical how they can give you the look of "feed me please..." with those begging eyes even though you just saw them eat?

  2. So cute! I love #7. We have three dogs, and their joy at seeing me makes me feel pretty darn special!

  3. So true--nothing's better than that hero's welcome home. :)