Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Capturing Time

A while back I entered a contest hosted by Skye Snyder Photography. The challenge called for a photo showing my interpretation of {Soul}. 

This is the photo I submitted with Cole and baby Grace sleeping.

My loves. My soul.

...and with the help of friends and family voting...


Honestly, I have never won anything in my life! I was/am sooo excited! 

I won a photo session, so Monday Jennifer, Grace and I drove up to Reno (Verdi) for the shoot.

Skye was amazing! 

She is a sweet, patient, passionate and talented photographer! I had a blast even though Grace spit up and refused to smile the entire time we were there! (I swear my baby is better behaved than that!)

Super duper thanks go out to Jennifer and Joanna for their extra sets of hands! (Jennifer seriously might have a future as a stage mother!) 

  I am dying to see the pictures, and send them to Cole for his birthday later this month. Skye took a couple with Gracie holding his Army dog tags, so I hope they turn out! He doesn't know anything about the photo shoot... Shhhhhh! Don't tell.

Stay tuned for the finished product, and check out Skye Snyder Photography on Facebook and her blog. She does a fabulous job, and is always running fun contests and things. 

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