Monday, August 1, 2011

Bisbee, AZ

Being at home all week while Cole is at school makes me really look forward to the weekends! This weekend we headed up to Bisbee, AZ with some friends. While I'm not very good with directions or geography, I can tell you that Bisbee is a little over 30 minutes away from Ft. Huachuca/Sierra Vista. It's a pretty easy drive as long as you can get past the whole "hills have eyes" feeling... Anyways, Bisbee used to be a mining town, but now it is more of a hippy hangout tourist attraction. There are tons of mini art galleries, antique shops, bars and B&B's. It kind of reminds me of a cross between Placerville and Coloma. We ate at Santiago's (cheese enchiladas), walked down main street, met a pot head potter, had drinks at The Copper City Hotel Bar (virgin strawberry daiquiri) and hung out at the Old Bisbee Brewing Co. (homemade root beer).

Current Craving: Bangkok Cuisine in Reno (chicken yellow curry and chicken pud thai with the potato flat bread...mmmmmm)

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