Thursday, February 12, 2015

Figuring Out How To Be a Family of Four

Christmas is over, new years has come and gone and we're already well on our way through February!

Baby Braxton isn't quite so brand new anymore, but we are still working on figuring out our new routine. The lack of sleep wasn't quite as shockingly painful the second time around and my learning curve for breast feeding/diaper changes/bathes/teeny-tiny onsies wasn't as steep. Next week is his 2 month doctor appointment, and I can't wait to see how much he's grown! Grace is still a fantastic big sister, and has only had brief moments of jealousy. She runs to our room every morning to see her baby brother and asks him how he slept.

1 month old: loves sleeping, eating and baths.
Tolerates diaper changes and his sister coughing in his face.
Really hates getting put in his car seat and sleeping at 4am.
Fairy Tale Ballet- she only agreed to pose next to Little Bea
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Last week Grace and I were sick with flu-like symptoms that knocked us out for a good 5 days. We spent lots of time laying on the couch, drinking juice and hot lemon and honey and watching Tinkerbell. Braxton escaped the sickness unscathed and continued his habits of eating, pooping and sleeping unconcerned about the hacking germ boxes he was living with. He really is a pretty easygoing baby.
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Sometimes when I'm holding Braxton and Grace is nestled up next to me with her head on my shoulder, I can't even believe I am this lucky. Life can be hard, but Cole and I have the privilege of watching and guiding our sweet babies as they grow up. I am making an extra conscious effort this time around to enjoy the little moments, as I know all too well how quickly the days (and years) flew by with Grace.

Valentine's Day is this Saturday, so Grace's class is having a party. I love any excuse to get crafty, so I was pretty excited that she had to bring in Valentines for her class and decorate a box for Valentines cards. I will readily admit that I hijacked her project, BUT, I did let her help put on the stickers (her favorite part) and she decorated cards for her teachers.

I found this cute idea on Pinterest, and it was really inexpensive and easy to assemble (I also liked that it didn't involve candy!):
Envelope Valentine's box and watercolor Valentines for the class
The box is just an empty Cheerios box, cut in half and taped with white duct tape. The Valentines are watercolors from the Dollar Tree with this cute printable

That time I thought I was super on top of things and sent a thank you note that looked like this:

Sorry, Christina!!!
My Lemonade: I loved laughing at myself. I'm pretty ridiculous and do something silly/embarrassing basically everyday. Oh well. Secret's out- I'm not perfect! ;)

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