Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sprinkled With Love

I was lucky enough to have an adorable sprinkle thrown for me last week by some very sweet friends- thank you Leslie, Alissa and Christina! I really wasn't sure if it was the norm to have a shower for the second baby, but it was nice to have an occasion to celebrate our baby boy's impending arrival. 

The invitations were custom designed and printed through Zazzle. The little rain drops pattern on the back is my favorite part!

Picture by Christina Clark Photography
There was the perfect mix of yummy treats, adorable decorations and great company at the sprinkle. I was so thankful for the advice from the veteran mamas. (It's only been 3 years since Grace was a newborn, but I have clearly blocked those sleepless nights out of my mind.) I've also been bowled over by the generosity of my sweet friends to share their baby gear and experiences. My talented friend, Kathleen, owner of Little Hipsters Apparel, even made matching outfits for little brother and big sister and how cute is this lion hamper I received?! I love how big it is! 

3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper
I've also been working to try and build up a stash of cloth diapers, so I was thrilled to be gifted a couple of new diapers. I am totally new to the cloth diaper scene, but I am really motivated to make it work, if possible. I mean, cloth diapers are better for the environment, we can save money vs. buying disposables and they are super cute! My fingers are crossed that I can figure this out. I know it can't be that difficult, but there is a steep learning curve full of acronyms and poop talk. Fluff mail, AIO, wet bags, etc... :) If you have any tips for me, I would LOVE to hear them! What is the one thing you wish you had known when you started cloth diapering?
A collection I begged, borrowed and bartered for
We moved the final piece of furniture into the nursery (spare room), and now we are ready to put the finishing touches on the walls. I definitely have the urge to nest, and get everything ready! So far we haven't painted the room ***although I'm hoping hubbins and I can do it over Christmas break*** maybe, possibly, there's a chance, right, Cole?!

I found these awesome letters on a blog called Daily Drop Cap, and I decided to make a piece of alphabet art for the room. The designer created illustrative initial caps regularly starting in 2009. There are currently 9 full alphabets posted on her blog, and they are all beautiful. I love the pops of orange and gold in the letters I chose, and I think it looks fun in a simple white frame. I'm considering making a mini gallery wall with this piece, a mirror, and a few other frames, but I haven't decided yet!

Letters by Jessica Hische, Daily Drop Cap
Meanwhile, the days are flying by and Christmas is just weeks away! Grace is so enthralled with everything related to the holidays this year. She was thrilled (and mostly speechless) when she got to meet Mrs. Claus and Santa. This was a huge improvement from the screaming traumatized toddler of years past.
Asking Santa for trains for Christmas
 She loved helping decorate the tree inside and outside, and she is filled with anticipation each morning as she looks for the Elf on a Shelf. (He is a very well-behaved elf who hangs out mostly in high, hard to reach places. Grace calls him "Little Girl," so maybe it is a she and not a he...)
#34 weeks

Cravings: Coffee and a nap or watching Breaking Bad

Feeling: Like the accommodations are getting tight 

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  1. Love your outside tree! I hate that I couldn't be at your sprinkle! And by the way - you look beautiful! As far as cloth diapering - I know it is overwhelming at first. I didn't start til both girls were 6 months old. I think 3 months is what most people do, but give yourself grace if you can't get it together that soon. I think the key for me then and now is to keep up with laundry so I can throw them in every couple days. If I can keep the washer clear, I can keep up with cloth diapers. You can totally do it! Ask me any and all questions - it is a learning curve but you'll get the hang of it quickly!