Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Half Birthday to Grace!

Our sweet girl is half way to three and sweet as can be...except, of course, when she's a raging tyrant! Grace is smart and funny and loves to run as fast as she can despite the number of times she trips and falls. She loves pirates, bubbles, trains, accessorizing, princesses, pizza, her puppy and music. She is picky, strong-willed and dramatic. She knows her ABCs, shapes, fruits, veggies, animals, and can count to 20!
Wagon ride with some buds!
We've been busy settling into our new home, going on picnics, play dates, walks and bike rides on the river. Grace is learning baseball and starting swimming lessons. We very much miss being near our friends from NC and our family members, but we are enjoying life with a toddler and all there is to do in middle Tennessee.

Here are just a few of the conversations we've had recently with our hilariously precocious Grace:

Me: Do you need to go potty*?
Grace: No, no thank you, Mama. I ok. 
Me: Are you sure?
Grace: I good. 
*Potty-training is still an ongoing struggle.  

Grace: I like your necklace. Mama, you talk to animals? 
Me: Yes, just like Sofia. 

Daddy: Hi Grace! Can I have a hug? 
Grace: No, no, Daddy! Get me outta here!

Grace: Mama, I so much huuungry. 
Me: Would you like some apples or goldfish?
Grace: I want to eat goldfish in my mouth. 
Me: How do you ask?
Grace: Puuleeeeease.

Me: Are you a baby or a big girl?
Grace: I baby.
Me: Are you sure you're not a robot?
Grace: No. I not robot. I baby. 

Grace: Where's your elbow, Mama?
Me: Right here. Where are your elbows?
Grace: My elbows are right here. Where's Daddy's elbows?
Me: On his arms.
Grace: G's elbows on his arms, too?
Me: No, they're on his legs.
Grace: My elbows are on my legs, too.

Building sand castles with Griffin and Grace!

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