Friday, October 25, 2013

Some More Conversations with Grace

Grace has been learning tons and tons of new words and even stringing them together into mini sentences. It is so fun hearing her say new words for the first time. Sometimes it takes me a minute to understand what she's saying, but you can see how hard she is trying to get us to understand. It's like she's been listening and storing away information and now it's all coming out rapid fire! She can count from 1-10 in order and sing most of her ABCs. Ellemennoopee is one letter, right?

Grace: Bunchin! 
Me: Bunchin? What's Bunchin?
Grace: Bunchin batch. Happy!
Me: Oh, pumpkin! Yes, we're going to the pumpkin patch and you'll get to trick or treat! You're saying Happy Halloween?!

This week at her school they've been learning about fire safety. They must be doing a really good job, because she definitely did know these words last week!

Grace: Fitruck! Fitruck scarrrrrry!
Me: Firetrucks aren't scary, they help people. 
Grace: Help. Help mommy. Help G. Help ME!
Me: Yes, they help everybody. Fire is scary.
Grace: FIRE HOT!
Thank you Puppy Creek Fire Dept. for all you do to keep us safe!
Grace: School! Eba!
Me: Yeah, you're going to school tomorrow to see Eva. 
Grace: Eba and Clarda. Play baby. Eba potty. 
Me: Eva goes pee-pee in the big potty. 
Grace: No diaper. Outside!

It is amazing how much she is learning! I am truly having a blast watching my little smarty pants! Here are her very first official school pictures:

Photo by Simply Heaven Photography

Photo by Simply Heaven Photography

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