Friday, October 14, 2011

Moving Right Along

WOW! Days are flying by faster than the dark chocolate disappears out of my freezer! I can not believe that it's already half way through October! In the past month we had a baby shower, drove across the country, Cole started work again at Fort Bragg and WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! If everything goes as planned (fingers crossed) we will be moved in by the end of the month! Aside from the big move and buying a house, we've reached the 2 month countdown until our baby's due date. Eeek! With everything in boxes, I'm starting to feel pretty antsy about getting unpacked, setting up the nursery and buying the last few things we'll need before she gets here... it will all get done, though, right?! At least my mom and sister will be coming out for Thanksgiving! I can't wait for our first turkey day in our new place!

Current craving: gold fish crackers

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